Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wrapping up

3 more days of teaching. woah.

August has been more relaxed, not as many trips. More spending time with people to enjoy the last month we have with them. However this past weekend was more eventful, and lots of fun.

Monday August 15th is Arequipa day. It was founded 471 years ago by the Spaniards. So this weekend there was a lot of various celebrations.

Saturday Karlene and I wandered around taking more pictures of the city. We found a cool cemetery. Here, it is more expensive to bury the bodies so they put the bodies in a wall stacked on top one another.

We walked down to the plaza, where we have been a million times, but we finally took some pictures. There is a fountain in the middle with hundreds of pigeons. There is the cathedral in the background.

Decorations for Arequipa's celebrations
And even though we have walked by the Cathedral 100 times, we finally decided to see if we could go in. And we did with success- it was beautiful! With a gorgeous organ.

We of course had to stop for Peruvian donuts. Depending on the location they are called Bunuelos or Picarones. They are delicious and drizzled with honey. (taste way better than they look)

Saturday night we went out with some of our friends. However the new mayor has created a new law that all bars must close at midnight. So the police came into the bar around 1230 to kick everyone out.

Sunday we went out to lunch with other friends. Then we went for an adventure. I don't really even know how to explain it but it was originally to see a natural spring. Then we just continued wandering around until we got lost. We found our way back but got to see some beautiful country side along the way!

lost- hiking through fields.

Sunday night we went to a concert of Carlos Vives. That was a lot of fun! Around the stadium was almost like a mini state fair with booths and food.

We were really there!
Monday was the BIG parade! Started around 10 am and went until midnight. We only stayed about 4 hours. There was anything and everything in the parade. And sooo many people! But a lot of fun!

It was a great weekend! Now I need to start packing up everything because were going to Machu Picchu in 4 days and from there to Lima, and from there- home in less than 2 weeks! Exciting but also sad to leave!

Take care everyone. A big hug!

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