Friday, May 27, 2011


    $21.50 is the amount we paid (per person) for a 16 hour bus ride which turned into be a great deal! On this bus ride from Lima to Arequipa we got super comfortable seats, FOOT rests, to watch 3 movies, served two meals (dinner and breakfast since we traveled 7 pm to 11 am) and friendly passengers to chat with about life. Karlene got some snap shots along the way. I missed most of the view since it was night time and I was sleeping.

    After getting picked up by the secretary, we saw our beautiful house. (pictures to come later) We got settled in and went wandering around our 6 floor house and Karlene found a deck out another bedroom. She decided to open to door to see what was out there. I was still in the other room when all the sudden I hear screaming and "THERE'S A DOG IN OUR HOUSE!" I laughed not believing until I see a large white bull dog charging. Next thing I know he lifts his leg and pees on our wall. "Karlene! He's peeing!" She encouraged me to help get the thing back into its outdoor deck area. We finally do after trying English and Spanish commands. While looking for solution to clean up the pee, we realize he peed two other times as well. Lovely. What a nice welcome home. After finally cleaning up and getting him away, we go to tell the school there's a dog in our house. The assure us it's ok because its the director's dog, Sargent.

    Next we were taken out to a nice lunch and then got a great tour of the city. There's a lot to see and do. While walking across one bridge, Karlene took a picture of part of the city with Volcan Misti (volcano misti) in the background. Pretty! 

Tonight we're off to a goodbye dinner with some of the teachers from the school. 
More fun adventures and stories to come. 
Until then, take care.

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