Friday, May 27, 2011


   After a few delays we finally arrived in Lima Peru around 1 am. We went to Karlene's friends house where we were warmly welcomed, as in most any Latino family home. We chatted for a while and then went to sleep exhausted from the travel. The next day we went to the local shopping mall with Carmen (pictured below). We went home to eat and later went to Pirates of the Carribean 4 with the younger daughter. I was given some grief for falling asleep - as I think I've done in all the Pirates movies. We returned home and talked more with Gabriel.

     The next day we went to "La Punta" or "the point" with Carmen. It was a rocky beach a few miles from their house. This was nice to see the ocean but it was not the right temperature to swim, not to mention it being a bit dirty. Hopefully we'll get to another sandy beach closer to where we live now to swim or sun.

   We also wandered around town a bit. (two pretty buildings. plus all the walls are all soo colorful! beautiful) ps... I'm still working on the layout, sorry I can't get them to line up in a row, just one on top of another.

       Later, after hanging out with Gabriel for a while, he sent us off at the bus station.

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