Friday, July 15, 2011


Busy busy busy. It has been a while since I've last written- for a few reasons. First, we moved last Saturday but they thought they would start the process earlier and took our internet out on Tuesday. Secondly, we kept active going out with friends. And thirdly, because I've been trying to think how I'm going to put together my thoughts for this blog post. Seeing that it has been almost two weeks, I think I will just describe the highlights rather than recap each day.

The most interesting of the last week was the food we ate! A friend took us out on Wednesday night after classes because it was "National Teachers Day." And because of that all the schools in the country were closed to appreciate teachers- all but Extreme because they figured we would get a vacation day at the end of the month. Well regardless our friend Ramiro still thought it was necessary to show us his appreciation, very kindly and we went to eat. We got a plate of grilled meat- very delicious. After a few bites I was told that it was cow heart! I was surprised but it was so good! Ramiro also quite sneakily (not sure if that is a word?) bought a rose for each Karlene and I to say thank you for being teachers. So sweet!

Thursday we went out to lunch with our friend Yesenia who lives here and our friends Carlos and Claudia who are from Peru but currently live in WI where we met them. However they were visiting here so we met up and had lunch. I ordered a stuffed avocado (mixed vegetables and shredded chicken) which was quite good with lovely presentation. Karlene wasn't quite as wise in her decision of goat foot salad. It was literally whole feet on her plate- but I had to try it since it was there. Needless to say- it was disgusting and tasted like foot with a terrible texture, go figure. We also tried an interesting combination of dark beer with Chicha Morada (the purple juice drink I showed a few weeks back) and was actually better than I thought especially for not liking beer at all.
Stuffed avocado :)

Goat foot salad :(

Friday we went out to lunch with our old and new roommates to a local "Chinese" restaurant. Not great not authentic Chinese food, but good company! After class on Friday, I went to Transformers in 3D! with a co-worker. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the movie!

Saturday was the big move. We packed up our belongings and moved to the new place. Fortunately, we love it! It is lovely, warm and has HOT water! It is fully furnished as it was the directors old house and there is a stereo so we always have the radio on which I love! We are really happy with it. It is farther from the school now but we discovered its only about a 15 minute walk to the school (20 on the way home since its all uphill.) Here is the beautiful we have from our new balcony!

After the move, Ramiro took us out to eat, guinea pig! It is a common dish here in Peru and so we had to try it, as cruel as you all may find it. We need to experience all parts of the culture and food!

The aftermath
In all reality, I did not like it that much but I had to try it! Then we drove around up part of a mountain where we got a great view of the country. Peru is really pretty!
the biggest bull I've seen that close

A friendly baby llama we saw
That night, we had a nice little house warming party with our friends. Very fun. Then Sunday was a nice relaxing day. This week has been more relaxed. We have explored our new neighborhood a bit, got all moved in and settled, cooked the meals in the house.

Tonight we are going to Puno. This is a city on the border of Peru and Bolivia on Lake Titicaca. This is the biggest lake in South America. We are going with a friend and going to stay on an island in the middle of the lake. Its supposed to be a great place for photos so I will fill you in next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

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