Saturday, June 11, 2011


      Clean clothes and sheets was definitely the highlight of this week. As plans continue changing, we didn't have anyone to do our laundry as we were hoping. We searched places around town but finally (week 3) decided we would just do it ourselves since Karlene and I were being a little cheap. Anyways, we bought powder laundry soup, filled the kitchen sink and washed a few loads. When we went onto the roof/patio/deck to hang the clothes on the chairs to dry, we found the real laundry station with clothes line to hang things. It just happened to be located where the beast dog sleeps, eats, and poops so we didn't want to go near there. Nonetheless, we now have clean, starchy wrinkly clothes- yay! Better yet, we had someone come and wash our sheets. Karlene even found a lovely 8-legged crawling friend in her bed as she was taking her sheets off.

    Other good news- we completed week one! It was a lot of work and we're happy to have a day off tomorrow. Yesterday at lunch we were discussing how we are not sure how we are going to go back to the US to work a 40 hours week if we are exhausted from week one of 23 hours. (Technically it is more because  we have to lesson plan and prepare, but we are only in the class 23 hours.) Tonight we are going to relax!

    Food.... unfortunately our food arrangement has changed. Instead of the deal of getting 2 authentic meals a day, we now get a small amount of money a month to either go out or buy food on our own to cook. Oh well, we will make do. We have found a nice little place by our house that is good price, good food, and clean. But Thursday we found a place by the plaza. On the menu, there was "ubre" so we asked what it was. The lady from the next table over simple put it as, (in Spanish) the cow's utter. She then proceeded to cut a piece off her plate so that Karlene and I could try it. (more peruvian nice-ness in action!) We tried it, decided we didn't love it and got the cow tongue in stead. I have tried this before, but it was good. It is not a typical meal in the U.S. and so I have got to try new things when I can!

Off to the market again. We got a used cell phone but need to get a charger. Once we do that, we'll be like real peruvians and can interact and socialize. :)

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