Monday, June 27, 2011


1. What is a hot shower? Because that is one thing I miss. I could handle it if it weren't only 55 degrees before I get in.

2. How necessary is a baby toe nail? Because while trying to clean up my nails the other day I'm pretty sure the whole thing basically fell off. Oh well- now it just looks goofy.

3. Where did June go? Because I can not believe I only have 2 more classes this month and then its July! Wow. Some days sure seemed long but overall I am surprised I have been in Peru 5 weeks now.

Anyways, this weekend was fun. On Saturday I went to a little town festival a few miles out of the city with local friends. It was the 20th anniversary of this celebration and the main celebration was of a drink they make by fermented figs, similar to wine. It was interesting but they had good local food and live music.

Another exciting bit of information is I found 100 soles ($37) in my drawer that I forgot I had.

Sunday Karlene and I made a Costa Rican dish (Peruvian style due to the lacking necessary spices or extra flavors)

We went out with friends Saturday night. This is Karlene and I on the way in the back seat of the car.

                                    Here is how we dry our laundry here in Arequipa.

Hope all are well back in the U.S.! I miss you!

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